tyrolon® Neck handling

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Newly developed the tyrolon® neck clamp system is an ideal alternative to previous solutions. Clamps can be easily replaced with no need for additional modifications to the star. The compatible replacement kit contains the new plastic clamps, as well as the optimised switch cam, and is mounted on the existing retaining plate.

Disadvantages of

Disadvantages of previous Neck Clamps

Cost-intensive as stainless steel neck clamps consist of several additional components, such as flat springs, rubber cushions, roll pins, bushings and pressure springs.

Maintenance- and time-intensive as certain components, such as pressure springs and flat springs, rubber cushions, etc. need to be inspected regularly. In addition, the respective spare parts need to be in stock at all times, and replacing these components takes up your staff’s valuable time.

Problematic in terms of hygiene as the construction design of multi-component neck clamps requires several drill holes, spaces and gaps. In the area of the flat spring, in particular, flawless hygiene is therefore difficult to achieve.

Strong detergents paired with friction between the retaining plate and the neck clamps in conventional models result in residues and corrosion despite the use of high-grade materials.

Deformations of the neck clamps can easily result in damage to bottles, but are often barely visible. Troubleshooting tends to be arduous and usually leads to longer downtimes and loss of production.

Versatile in use

Avoid disadvantages with the new Tyrolon Neck Clamps


Advantages of the new tyrolon® Neck Clamps

Flawless hygiene – as the neck clamp consists of only one component, eliminating the need for additional spare parts and respective holes and gaps prone to bacteria and residues.

Cost-efficient acquisition and maintenance – if a clamp breaks, only one part needs to be replaced.

No need for additional inspection and maintenance of neck clamps and wear parts – resulting in reduced costs and stockage.

No wear and tear between the retaining plate and the clamps, as well as the switch cam thanks to the optimised combination of stainless steel and high-grade plastics.

In case of a crash clamps are not deformed but break, making it easy to identify which clamp needs to be replaced.

High-grade & wear-resistant special plastic guarantees long lifetimes and a reduced demand for spare parts.

Ideal for your PET filling and, in particular, your aseptic filling areas.

The result of many years of research and development in close consultation with our customers and their laboratory departments.

Worldwide utilized – and continued research and development.