No format sets

No storage or maintenance

Conventional format sets require additional storage space, means of transport, and maintenance of spare parts. With tyrolon Star®, you do not need any of this, resulting in further potential savings. The whole area surrounding your bottling process stays clean and clearly structured, raising the safety level for your workers.

Universally appliacable

tyrolon Star is applicable for any position of the bottling process, regardless of the machine type. It can be used at the rinsing, filling, sealing, labeling & inspecting stage, respectively.

Gaining flexibility

Maximum comfort

The initial investiment in tyrolon stars® will give you a never before seen flexibility for the daily bottling of your product range, as well as for the introduction of new products and bottle shapes. Thanks to quick product changeover, you can adapt your bottling process flexibly, to your needs— perfect for small production batches.

Gaining Flexibility