For all bottle shapes

One format of star

tyrolon Star® is a universal transport star that enables the transport of bottles or containers of various shapes and sizes without having to adapt format sets, round blanks, or guides.

Conventional systems call for complex format sets for each bottle format, resulting in time-consuming conversions. The tyrolon Star®, on the other hand, requires no further accessories, and it can remain on the premises for conversions.

tyrolon Star® can handle bottles and containers in a range of 40 mm from the smallest to the largest diameter without conversions.


The bottling process has changed.

Complex challenges call for innovative solutions:

  • Bottling of various bottles & containers
  • Long set-up times & costs for format changes
  • Readjustments & cost of labor when disturbances occur
  • Costly storage & maintenance of format parts
  • Reduced bottling capacity due to various factors
  • Difficulty maintaining consistent quality due to imprecise centering, shaking, foaming, and the destruction of bottles & containers
  • Large overhead for hygiene & intricate cleaning
  • Ergonomics & safety at the workplace: forced posture, heavy lifting, risk of injury, high noise level


Unmatched advantages

tyrolon Star® easily measures up to these demands and even offers unmatched advantages:

  • An increase in efficiency
  • An increase in bottle output
  • Reduction of conversion & down time
  • Optimization of space
  • A boost in quality during the bottling process
  • Prevention of bottling & transport losses
  • Reduction of storage costs for format sets & spare parts
  • An increase in cleanliness & hygiene
  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Reduction of risk of injury