Cost-effective & efficient

The tyrolon Star® continues to revolutionize the bottling process

tyrolon Star® eliminates time lost during format changes and readjustments. Cumbersome conversions are a thing of the past! Only one format of star for all bottle formats needed. You gain more production time thanks to the lack of conversion time. Depending on your machine’s performance as well as the frequency and duration of conversions, you can achieve a noticeable increase in production.

Avoid delays

In case of a crash, only plastic clamps are damaged
these can be directly replaced inside the machine in
seconds, reducing secondary damage and down time.

Worthwhile investment

An investment in tyrolon Star® will pay off. Here are some examples from our customers’ experience. Optimization of your conversion time at 1 h per day:

Size of plant Industry example Increased production/month Increased production/year
20,000 wine 400,000 bottles 4.8 M bottles
40,000 soft drinks 800,000 bottles 9.6 M bottles
60,000 beer 1.2 M bottles 14.5 M bottles

Typical production at 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, approx. 240 workdays per year