Quality improvement

& Safety

  • Less bottle breakage & damage
  • Exact alignment at filling valve, capper & labeller
  • No bottle rotation
  • No wear or chatter marks on floor guides
  • Smooth transport prevents chattering, shaking or foaming
  • Elevated hygiene, effortless cleaning, easily accessible, no dismantling needed
  • Clean filler table
  • Optimum protection for bottles & labels
  • Production tolerance compensated for glass bottles of +/- 2 mm
Flawless hygiene

Flawless hygiene confirmed by our customers

The biggest advantages are the smooth surfaces, clean bottle tables, and effortless cleaning due to unhindered access (CIP) without dismantling.

This guarantees untainted hygiene conditions. We recommend an automatic spraying mechanism or cleaning device to achieve complete residue and contaminant removal.

Routine hygiene tests (germ swabs) run by our customers confirm the impeccable results.

Versatile in use

Its patented design results in unparalleled advantages throughout the chain of production.

Ergonomics &

Ergonomics & Safety at the workplace

Apart from the infeed screw, no further components need to be changed during product changeover or bottle changing. Therefore, there is no need for workers to handle heavy format parts, increasing ergonomics of the workplace.

Shards of glass can jam the format sets, leading to lacerations; with tyrolon Star®, this is no longer an issue. You actively reduce your staff’s potential injuries. Another positive side effect of the smooth production line is noise reduction.