Partner to the bottling industry

for 35 years

Tyrolon Hochfilzen

Tyrolon Hochfilzen then & now

Driven by the ambition to constantly improve upon the maintenance of complex systems, Ludwig Schulnig founded Tyrolon-Schulnig GmbH in 1981.

The product portfolio developed from the production of sealants and moulded parts, to manufacturing mechanical seals and developing an alternative spare parts programme for the bottling industry. Over time, Tyrolon has developed into an innovative and reliable partner for the bottling industry with a broad product portfolio.

The early years

The company started its operations by processing fluoropolymer resins for the production of sealants and format parts in the "proverbial garage", demonstrating a real pioneering mindset. Building upon the initial successes, the product portfolio was quickly expanded by manufacturing and servicing seals, especially mechanical seals.

Relocation to Hochfilzen

As the company became more successful, it outgrew the original production site, and Tyrolon invested in a new facility for production and administration and relocated the company to Hochfilzen. The production capacity has been continuously adapted in recent years to meet rising demand, and the production facility has been repeatedly enlarged.