The tyrolon Star® continues to
revolutionize the bottling process. One format of
star for all bottle shapes

NEW! Universal neck clamp for PET-Handling

NEW! Universal neck clamp for PET-Handling
NEW! Universal neck clamp for PET-Handling

Adaptable to all known machine brands, low maintenance, high quality and highest life time compared to known versions. Find out more about the new universal neck clamps from Tyrolon ...

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No format sets

Tyrolon Star® is an universal transport star that enables the transport of bottles or containers of various shapes and sizes without having to adapt format sets, round blanks, or guides.

Conventional systems call for complex format sets for each bottle format, resulting in time-consuming conversions. The tyrolon Star®, on the other hand, requires no further accessories, and it can remain on the premises for conversions.

Gaining Flexibility

Ideal for small batches

The initial investiment in tyrolon Star will give you a never before seen flexibility for the daily bottling of your product range, as well as for the introduction of new products and bottle shapes. Thanks to quick product changeover, you can adapt your bottling process flexibly, to your needs — perfect for small production batches.

  • Universal use for all bottle sizes
  • Replacement of clamping system
  • No conversion time
  • Umrüsten gehört der Vergangenheit an. Ein einziger Stern für alle Flaschenformate.

Versatile in use

Tyrolon is the bottling industry’s reliable and innovative partner. Our key competency is finding solutions to increase the efficiency of bottle transport.